Credit Shortfall Cover

This will cover you for any shortfall between the amount you owe on your financing loan and what you are paid out (if a car is deemed beyond economic repair following an accident or if stolen). 

Pricing Plan

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Plan A

R 44.00 /month

Claim up to R50,000

Plan B

R 88.00 /month

Claim up to R100,000

Plan C

R 132.00 /month

Claim up to R150,000

Plan D

R 177.00 /month

Claim up to R200,000

Credit Shortfall Cover


Shortfall cover: In the event the insured vehicle is written off (total loss) due to the vehicle being damaged beyond economic repair or is stolen and not recovered. This policy will cover the difference between the retail value at the date of loss and the finance settlement balance in the applicable Credit Agreement as defined.

To enjoy cover under this product your comprehensive insurance policy must be active and in place and a valid claim authorised by your insurer.

Yes, however the limits applicable differ according the plan purchased, please refer to your policy schedule and policy wording for more information.

  • any vehicle used as a courier service;
  • any vehicle used as an armed reaction vehicle;
  • any vehicle used as a taxi or to transport passengers for reward or is hired out for reward;
  • any vehicle modified for commercial purposes;
  • quad bikes or off road motorcycles

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