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Frequently Asked Questions


Premiums are collected by debit order from the policyholder’s bank account.


Your policy commences on the date of the first successful debit order payment and from such date you are entitled to legal advice. 
Representation in any matter only becomes active after expiry of a 3 month-period from the policy start date and matters that arose prior to the policy start date, or within the 3 month-period, are excluded.

You may utilise the services as frequently as required.

No, there are no excess, hidden or other costs.

Matters that exist or originated before the starting date of your policy are excluded. For those matters you are only entitled to receive advice.

Yes, you can cancel the policy at any time. 

You can access our complaints policy here.

General FAQ

Small and medium enterprises can take out a Business Lawyers policy.

We understand how busy you are so we have made it as simple as possible to join JustLegal

Call us on 010 109 4015 or request a Call Me Back and we will give you a call.

There are 3 premium levels depending on the size of your business, all of which provide you with R500,000 worth of legal services per annum:

R495 per month for businesses with 1 to 10 employees.
R650 per month for businesses with 11 to 30 employees.
R785 per month for businesses with 31 to 50 employees.
For businesses with more than 50 employees, a quotation needs to be provided.

Our premiums will be reviewed on an annual basis.

These very affordable premiums offer you a comprehensive safety net for your business, knowing that you can count on the support of a powerful professional network should you have any legal and labour law issues.

An annum is calculated as 12 calendar months from the start date of the policy and unused benefits will not
roll over to the next “annum” period.

Yes. Unless you are buying our Immigration product, but then you must be travelling from South Africa.

Any matters which are not related to the policyholder’s business are excluded from the policy.

Download our Policy Wording for more

We do not use call centres for legal services and all calls are attended to by lawyers.

We return all calls within 30 minutes.


Click here to visit our claims process.

You can give us a call or fill in an online application which takes less than 30 seconds. Then we will get a lawyer to call you in less than 30 minutes

There are no supporting documents needed. A phone call or online.

How to buy legal policy with us?

1. Provide business details

Fill in our contact form and an agent will call you right away

2. Provide your details

Confirm policy start date and also chosen plan

3. Payment and Confirmation

Pay via debit order, and the we will successfully issue the policy.