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Why Service Plan with CarPlans®

A Service Plan is a great way to make sure you never delay or skip your car service. Instead of fitting a hefty bill for a scheduled car service, you get to budget in advance. Only approved dealers are used, taking all the uncertainty out of servicing your ride. As a bonus; all Service Plans offered through CarPlan comes with Free Roadside Assistance, so you never stand stranded next to the road ever again.

Maintance Plan with CarPlans®

A Maintenance Plan covers all aspects of the servicing and maintenance of your car, keeping your vehicle on the road for longer and offers you a convenient way of budgeting so that you can spend less time worrying about car servicing and maintenance cost and unexpected auto repair bills.

Scratch & Dent Cover

Loose stones, tar and inconsiderate drivers these are just a few of the hazards you face on the road. Let's be honest the road is not kind to your car's paint job. Scratch and Dent Cover provides you with peace of mind that in the unfortunate event of minor chips, scratches and dents, you are covered. With the Scratch & Dent Cover products offered through CarPlans you are even covered for small interior damages.

Tyre & Rim Cover

Tyre Cover helps you avoid unexpected expenses by covering your tyres against damage caused by road hazards such a potholes and debris on the road surface. We will replace your damaged tyre with a brand new one if it cannot be repaired. Unlike most insurers we do not take tread usage into consideration.