Tyre & Rim Cover

Your tyres are exposed to more wear and tear than any other part of your vehicle. You may not be able to avoid every bump in the road, but you can cover yourself against it.

Pricing Plan

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Tyre & Rim Cover A

R 60 /Month

Maximum Claim of R4000

Tyre & Rim Cover B

R 135 /Month

Maximum Claim of R10,000

Tyre & Rim Cover C

R 199 /Month

Maximum Claim of R16,000

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What is a Tyre & Rim Cover?

Tyre Cover helps you avoid unexpected expenses by covering your tyres against damage caused by road hazards such a potholes and debris on the road surface. We will replace your damaged tyre with a brand new one if it cannot be repaired. Unlike most insurers we do not take tread usage into consideration.

The policy covers the cost of the tyre/s to be repaired or replaced tyre/s has suffered accidental damage in the form of a bruise, cut, impact break or puncture, excluding cosmetic damage.

We have several options to suit your needs and budget. Simply complete the call-back form on this page and we will be in touch with you.

  • Damage caused by using the tyre at the incorrect pressure.
  • Damage caused by incorrect wheel balance, defective steering geometry / tracking or defective suspension.
  • Tyres where the tread depth is below the SA limit when the incident occurs. racing, speed testing, reliability trials, hire or reward, off-road activities, dispatch or courier services, driving tuition, or agricultural vehicles.
  • Any consequential losses incurred as a result of damage to the insured tyres.

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